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Available DogsAt ASPTL we are huge advocates of clicker training and the benefits of positive reinforcement training for you and your pet! What is clicker training? A clicker is a small noise making device that you can use to mark a desired behavior that your dog has performed. As much as we all love to talk to our dogs and we are certain they understand every word that comes out of our mouths, unfortunately they do not (this does not stop us from continuing to talk to our dogs! The clicker is like a translation device between you and your dog and gives a clear marker for something you like that your dog does. Most dogs respond very well to the clicker and learn new behaviors quickly. What is positive reinforcement training? Simply, rewarding them for the behavior you like, only asking your dog for what you do want, and redirecting behavior that is undesirable into an appropriate activity. Training in this way can form a long lasting bond between you and your pet(s) and teaches your dog to make good decisions on their own. We have several published trainers that we recommend if you are looking for training books to research.

Karen Pryor
Dr. Sophia Yin
Dr. Ian Dunbar
Victoria Stilwell
Emma Parsons
Nicole Wilde
Patricia McConnell, PhD

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Check your local Petsmart! They have wonderful group classes that focus on primarily positive reinforcement training. We recommend going in to your local Petsmart so you can meet the trainers to see what their philosophy is and what their style is like.


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Stylized Clicker Training


Masters of Mischief, Emily Boler

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Pavlov Dog Training
Dances With Woofs​