Mini 1Hi! My name is Mini, but there is not a lot about me that is small, BOL! I am a Sharpei/Pug mix, about 10 years old, and about 48 pounds (but I could loose a few lbs!) Don’t let my age fool you, I am in great shape for my age and I am still very active. I am super sweet and friendly. I like pretty much everyone I meet, but I can be a little wary of men. I am GREAT with kids, I just love ‘em! I am also great with dogs and other animals, although I do enjoy getting the cats in my foster home riled up if I can (I really just want to play, but the cats don’t always feel the same way!) I LOVE to go for walks and car rides and get super excited when I see my harness come out! I do well with housebreaking, but if I am alone too long I might have an accident. I am NOT a fan of a crate, but I really don’t need one, I am really well behaved! My ideal home would be a fairly active family that would take me on active walks, short hikes, and give me lots of butt rubs (my fave!) My adoption fee is $150. I have been spayed, microchipped, on a heartworm preventative, and current on vaccinations. If you would like to meet me you can fill out an application here. See you soon!


Tippy 1

Hi! My name is Tippy! I am an adorable and peppy 11 year old Chow/Cocker Spaniel mix. I do not even realize I am 11 years old! I run and play with the other dogs in my foster home and do not have any trouble keeping up with the younger dogs! I love going for walks and shorter hikes. And I love car rides! My ideal home would be a fairly active home with another dog to play with, but I would do fine as an only dog. While I get along well with other dogs, introductions to dogs out in public need to be slow as I can be a little reactive when I am on a leash (it is just so exciting meeting new friends!) I know the saying is that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but I am a smart, food motivated girl that would love to take a training class! I am not suited for a home with small children because of my age, I am not a fan of being startled and that just goes along with living with small children. Children over 8 years old that are respectful would be fine with me. I am in great health for my age and just have a little limp in my front leg from arthritis. My adoption fee is $125. To meet me, just fill out an application here
, and the rescue will be in touch! See you soon!


11071178_10206277245988826_1506128128_oHi! My name is Della! I am a sweet little 7 pound Basenji/Chihuahua mix. They guess my age at about a year and a half, so my birthday is probably around 8/2013. I am really interested in children, but when I get excited I do nip and pull at pant legs, so I may not be the best fit for really small children that I might nip on accident. I do really well with a routine for housebreaking, but have accidents on occasion. I do great in a crate, but I love sleeping in bed with you and snuggling! I am curious about cats, and a little timid around them. I would benefit from a family that would take me to doggy training classes, I am very smart and food motivated. I am spayed, up to date on shots, heartworm negative, and microcipped. My adoption fee is $225. If you are interested in adopting me you can fill out an application here.


11076124_10206312548951378_1991993080_nHi there! My name is Judah! I am a sweet and wiggle-butted 6 year old (I will be 7 at the end of June) neutered male Boxer. I am right about 60 pounds, but I could stand to put on a few pounds. I am housebroken and working on crate training. My family had to give me up when they got stationed overseas and could not take me with them. I am looking for an active family that would take me on daily walks or runs and hikes on the weekend. I get along great with other dogs, so a doggie playmate would be ideal in my forever home. I am very curious about cats, but respectful. I also have not been kid tested yet. They imagine I would be just fine with them as I love everyone, but I may be too bouncy for small children. I am need a little work on my manners like jumping up on people, so I would benefit from a force free positive reinforcement training class. I am up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and neutered. I do have your typical sensitive Boxer digestion, but the rescue is working with the vet to get the situation under control. My adoption fee is $250 and you can apply to adopt me here.


11056763_10206244109010752_1279422061_nMason here! I am a 2 year old 8 pound mini Schnauzer. I am a lovable little fella who gets along well with other dogs. I do have cats in my foster home, and I like them very much! I have not been kid tested yet, but I would imagine I would be fine with older respectful children. I am a very smart little man who would do well in obedience and agility classes. I would love to find a fairly active home that could take me to classes, daily walks, and the occasional hike. I am neutered, up to date on shots, heartworm negative, and microchipped. My adoption fee is $275. If you would like to meet me you can fill out an application at here.

Zoe Update!

Zoe Collage(From a puppy’s perspective)
Dear Sara,

Well, I am celebrating my 1-year anniversary of being adopted by Brian and Julie Slagle.  WOW – what an adventure!

I am not sure if you remember me; my name used to be Mindy, but the Slagles’ changed my name to Zoe Lynn when they adopted me, and I LOVE my name, especially the “Slagle” part.  My brothers, sisters and I were abandoned when we were just weeks old. Not that I didn’t like living with you Sara, but I am sure thankful that you found me a home.

Let me give you an idea of what my first year has been like:

My hometown is Sidney Nebraska, where I live in a big house with my 5 year old yellow lab sister, Abby, and my 2 sibling cats Sadie and Reagan. We all get along great!  My home has a huge yard where Abby and I run and play.  Sometimes, I hate coming into the house in the evenings, but I know that I have to eat my supper and then I can relax in my big soft bed.  Abby is really big compared to me, but that doesn’t matter.  She and I like to wrestle together.  She’s my big, protective sister.

Daddy says that cats are supposed to fight with dogs, but Reagan and I are buddies.  He is about my size and we love to wrestle and chase each other around the house.  Reagan is not supposed to go outside, but sometimes he sneaks out.  When that happens, I have to help bring him home – Daddy says he is a little stinker.  We play hide-and-seek.

Mom and Dad (and grandpa) own a pond near Ogallala Nebraska; that’s about 1 hour away, but I generally sleep on mom’s shoulder while we drive there, so the time goes by really fast.  I love playing at the farm; so many smells and places to hide.  Abby is a really good swimmer.  Daddy throws her a toy and she swims out to get it! Last summer, she taught me how to swim too, it was a little scary at first because I don’t have webbed paws, but I learned too. I usually don’t get much further out than 5 feet, and I know that Mommy is standing at the shore to get me if I have trouble.  I tried a pink lifejacket for puppies – UGH that made me lose my balance.  So I just learned not to go into the water unless Mommy or Daddy is standing by me.

Mommy has this machine (ATV) that she drives at the farm; it is kind of big and scary.  Abby likes to run along side of it while Mommy drives, but she holds me instead.  She says I am too little to run beside the machine and that I might get hurt.  It’s funny about Mommy…she lets me do a lot of really neat things, but she doesn’t let me do anything that I might get hurt at.

I really love my Daddy and Mommy.  Daddy and I do the adventurous things with Abby, and he really likes to wrestle. Daddy has a big garage off the house; it’s fun to play out there. Daddy made Abby and I a big red toy box that is full of stuffed toys.  Sometimes I tear apart the ones that have the squeaky thing inside.  Abby and I can make a big mess in the family room, but Mommy always cleans it up.  Mommy says we have the “run of the house” – whatever that means. Mommy likes to give kisses and snuggle together. Sometimes she and I just spend the weekend watching TV and baking.  I like those adventures too.

I hope that if you know where my brothers and sister are, that you will share this letter with them.  I want them to know that I am okay.

Well Sara, it has been a amazing year at the Slagles.  I really love my Daddy and Mommy so much.  They said to tell you “thank you “ for helping them find me.  We all make a wonderful family.



Zoe Lynn Slagle

(Brian and Julie Slagle)


Ferris Update!

Ferris CollageAs some of you may remember, Ferris was a pup found in a plastic bag in a trash can when he was a day or two old by a vet in New Mexico. Ferris has some neurological issues because of his rough start in life and we searched for just the right home for him. In May it will be a year since his adoption and his forever mom sent us a little update.

“Ferris is wonderful!! He is my little angel!! I wouldn’t know what to do without him. It will be a year in May. He has improved. He still turns circles but usually when he’s super excited, scared or confused. Most the time telling him to “fix yourself” does the trick. He still jumps like superman instead of running but it is the cutest thing. His confidence level has skyrocketed in the last few months!!! He is so comfortable in his own skin and does things everyday that amaze and surprise me, like jumping off the couch at high speeds and racing down the hall way after the cats. He can climb stairs but won’t go down them. We only have 3 steps out the front door and a ramp for the big dog out the back door to the back yard so he doesn’t get a ton of practice. He is able to see more than we give him credit for. One of his favorite things is to chase the laser pointer. I didn’t think he would be able to see it but he sees it well enough to chase it as long as I want to move it around for him. He still has some accidents, mostly at night but it has improved. He has a large stack of blankets and laundry is typically a twice a day thing but I am so used to it that it is just routine. He sleeps in his kennel at night and is there during the day while we are at work. He feels very comfortable there so we have continued it and at least I know he is safe when I can’t be with him. At night when I tell him it’s time to go ni-night he runs to his kennel and waits to be tucked in. Sometimes after a big day he will just go to bed on his own as his kennel is always open for him. We have taken to walking when the weather is nice and he loves it. Tail in the air, head held high and he just struts!!! He runs circles at first as he is so excited but calms down and walks pretty darn straight. He gets into his outfit (his harness) and I have a swivel latch on the lead so his circles are not big deal and no one gets tangled. His only health issue to this point seems to be a bit of a sensitive tummy. He gets colitis fairly easily but we catch and remedy it quickly. The first time he got into a tub of whipped cream in the trash and licked it clean and of course had it from head to tail and I thought he was just adorable until 2 days later when his cranberry colored, stinky business was all over the living room and we had an emergency run to CSU because I had no idea what was going on. Now we know and are much more careful about treats. He has learned to sit and laydown and when he wants a treat, I ask him what he has to do to get it and he sits very pretty. He hates his feet messed with so shaking paws has not gone well but we are trying anyway. He has his spot on the couch with his very own blankie for nap time and evening snuggles. He has so delayed learning but when he gets it, he gets it. It’s like having the cutest toddler around the house to keep you busy. His snuggles and hugs make everything so worth while!!!! Anyway he just amazes me everyday and is just so sweet and loving!!!! A truly happy little soul!!! Thank you and thank you to all who cared for and fostered him because I just can’t imagine my world with out him!! We were meant to find each other!!!”


Dresdan 2My name is Dresden. I am a 14 week old Terrier/Rat Terrier mix. I am a pretty shy fellow and will need a patient adopter who will be willing to work with me on my confidence. I do enjoy the company of other dogs, and it would be ideal if there was a dog or two in my new home to help with my confidence.  My foster home has cats and I am pretty scared of them, even when they are sleeping! My foster home is trying to help me with my fear, but I might do best in a home without cats. Because of my shyness, I would do best in a home without young children. Once I warm up to someone I am a very sweet and affectionate dog. As I warm up to my foster family they see more and more of my personality and they can tell I am going to be an active dog, so I would do well in an active home that would take me walking, hiking, and to agility classes. I am working on my house training and doing really well with a routine.  I will be available for adoption after 3/18/15, but the rescue is taking applications for me now. My adoption fee will be $300 and will include my neuter, microchipping, and current vaccinations. You can fill out an application to adopt me here.


Groot 2Hi! My name is Groot! I am a wonderful 2 year old Pit Bull Terrier. I might be the sweetest dog you will ever meet, I love everyone I meet! I do wonderful with other dogs, I just ignore them if they are not into me, but I do like having other dogs to play with. I just might be the perfect dog, I love to romp and play, but I am also a great snuggler! I would love a home were I got to do both, go on walks, hikes, and have another dog to play with, and have a couch I can take naps on! I am neutered, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative, and microchipped. If you would like to meet me just fill out an application here.


Tejas 1Hi there! My name is Tejas! I am a 10 year old 17 pound Rat Terrier. I am a sweet older gal looking for a quiet little retirement home. I was surrendered to rescue because my family found out I was diabetic and was not able to properly care for me. My diabetes is under control and I am doing great! I previously lived with other dogs, but I do need a slow introduction to new dogs. Do not let my age fool you, I am still a playful dog and have no problem keeping up with younger dogs. I love to play!  I have not been small child or cat tested yet. Because of my age and limited vision I would probably do best with children over 10 years old who have dog experience. I am house broken with a routine, crate trained, and walk well on a leash. I am spayed, current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped, and have current bloodwork. My adoption fee is $100. If you would like to meet me, please fill out an application here. See you soon!