April 25, 2014

About Us

A Soft Place to Land, Inc. is dedicated to giving a voice to

creatures who have no voice of their own.

A Soft Place to Land, Inc. is a small foster home based rescue. We have received our Pet Animal Care Facilities Act license (PACFA) through the Colorado Department of Agriculture and Incorporated in the State of Colorado in 2010.


Many of the dogs that we rescue come from commercial breeding facilities. Commercial breeding facilities have hundreds of dogs on site, stuffed into small wire cages. These dogs have very little human interaction, so they can be very shy and untrusting of humans. They require a lot of patience and socialization when they come to us.


Socialization is just one of the problems we encounter. Over breeding can also cause many health problems for the females. Breeding the females at each heat cycle, without a resting period in between, does not allow their bodies to recover and depletes their bodies of cal-cium. The depletion of calcium severely affects the females bone and tooth health. Many of these dogs require extensive dental work after we get them from the mills. In addition, many of the owners of these facilities are unconcerned with breeding dogs with genetic defects, so we get many dogs that have joint issues and other health problems.


Our hope is that by educating the public, we can significantly reduce the dogs bred by commercial breeders.


In September 2011, A Soft Place to Land, Inc. was recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization.


Excerpts from Testimonials
Adoptive Families and Foster Homes

Norma is doing really well!  She has been to Steamboat twice and all over town, mostly to Henry’s school.  Thank goodness she’s great in the car!   She’s getting used to our routine and likes Henry a lot.


She loves toast, loves it!  Just before work, I scatter treats all over the kitchen and she eats them.  She sleeps on my side of the bed and during the day she’s secured in the kitchen, where her kennel is, unless Aubrey takes her out to pet her.


Our whole family just loves her, and she them!


Christie, Aubrey, Gaven and Henry




Trixie has been part of our family for 6 months now and our family couldn’t be happier.  Bonnie was very jealous of Trixie in the beginning and pushed her around but, now Trixie stands up for herself quite nicely.  They both sleep in bed with us and cuddle side by side.


Mostly I wanted you to know how much we love Trixie and that she has become a very important member of our family.  Ricky and I couldn’t imagine life without her.


Thank you so much for bringing Trixie into our lives.


Annette and Ricky